New Confraternity for Catholic Clergy formed in Ireland

I am delighted to hear that a Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (who wish to remain faithful to the Church and its teachings) has been set up in Ireland by Fr. Gerard Deighan.  This was established during a meeting of Priests in Knock Shrine in October last.  This Confraternity would offer mutual support and encouragement for Priests.  

I do hope in the future that they would also consider a lay associate membership similar to the Confraternity in Australia, to help support and pray for Priests and not interfere with their Priestly ministry. We really have too much clericalisation of the laity in Ireland and it is destroying Parish life, interfering with the ministry of Priests and also discouraging Vocations. 

Let us pray for Fr. Gerard Deighan and those Priests involved in the new Confraternity and ask Our Lord and Our Lady, the Mother of all Priests to bless and protect and to bring forth great fruit from this new apostolate.

Bishops, Priests and Deacons can join this Confraternity also.  Any Priest or Deacon who wishes to join or if you wish to enquire more about the Confraternity you can email them at  

Syrian Nun says Footage of alleged Chemical Attack in Syria is fabricated

There is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, told RT. She says she is about to submit her findings to the UN.

Mother Agnes, a catholic nun, who has been living in Syria for 20 years and has been reporting actively on what has been going on in the war-ravaged country, says she carefully studied the video featuring allegedly victims of the chemical weapons attack in the Syrian village of Guta in August and now questions its authenticity. 

In her interview with RT, Mother Agnes doubts so much footage could have been taken in so little time, and asks where parents of the supposedly dead children are. She promises to send her report to the UN. 
The nun is indignant with the world media for apparently turning a blind eye to the Latakia massacre by rebel extremists, which left 500 civilians including women and children dead.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called on the international community to pay attention to revelations made by Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib. 

For more on the Latakia Massacre go here: Syria News - Latakia Massacre

Shocking News in Germany - Police ram their way into Parents Home and forcibly remove their Children because they were being homeschooled !

In Darmstadt, Germany, police officers armed with guns and a battering ram stormed a home and seized four children because the family living there had defied a national ban on homeschooling. The officers were accompanied by a throng of social workers and special agents.

The terrifying team of about 20 government officials forcibly removed all four of the family’s children at around breakfast time on Thursday morning, according to a press release from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

The sole reason for the brutal abduction of the children is that the parents, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, have defied the German government’s ban on home education. There are no claims of mistreatment or neglect.

No Gestation Limits in legislation on abortion opens the door to this.........

This is the horror of abortion and what goes on throughout the world.
It is horrific and sickening to the core.  It is unbelievable that Doctors and Counsellors can sit
discussing the termination of a babys life in such cold terms.  What have we humans become.
Its beyond belief.

Abhorrent Irish Legislation on abortion has no gestational limits

DUBLIN, May 2, 2013 ( – Irish pro-life groups have slammed the government for
presenting draft legislation that ignores expert “medical evidence” that abortion is no cure for suicidal ideation and allows the direct killing of Irish children.

The coalition government’s bill was released to the public yesterday and includes no restrictions on gestational age limits, allowing abortions to be carried out through all nine months of pregnancy.
The draft legislation says it is not an offense to take action “as a result of which unborn human life is ended.” Under the current law, it is possible for a doctor to induce early labor if it is medically warranted to save the mother’s life, but they are required to give equal consideration to the life of both mother and child. The new bill will allow doctors to act directly to end the life of the child, based only on a demand for abortion, backed up by a threat of suicide.

Above from:  

Former minister of State for primary care Róisín Shortall has said she finds “abhorrent” the lack of gestational time limits in proposed abortion legislation within which terminations should be allowed in cases where the woman is suicidal.

Ms Shortall, who has lost the Labour Party whip, called for a referendum on the matter to be held in October.

“I think I would speak for the majority of people in saying I would find the absence of a gestational time limit abhorrent,” she said

Massive One Million Rally against Gay Marriage in Paris

An estimated one million people took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to demonstrate against France's new same-sex marriage legislation. The law, which allows same-sex partners to wed and adopt, had already been in effect for over a week. President François Hollande signed it into law on May 18.

Healing and Wholeness in Christ Jesus

Due to the huge interest in Healing in our Church, and the amount of strange healing philosophies out there I decided to research more into this area and have started a blog on this subject.  I try to show where people can go to receive Healing and also those places and things to avoid...

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