The Year of the Priest

The Year of the Priest ends in June this year and will be marked by special ceremonies with the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in Rome  from 9th - 11th June. 

I was priviliged to be able to visit the St. Jean Vianney relics which were brought to Knock Shrine on 27th April last.  Almost one hundred Priests came for the special Mass at 3pm in the Basilica in Our Lady's Shrine.  It was a wonderful sight to see so many Priests all together at this holy shrine to venerate this great Saint.

My friend Rhonda and I continue to pray for Priests in our Divine Mercy prayer meeting for Priests each week and we include especially the Priests we know and meet.  Rather than criticising or giving out about certain Priests we may disagree with or dislike, we need to pray for them even more.  Our prayers can help them a great deal.  Especially I believe the Prayers of the Divine Mercy and also the Rosary. 

We were delighted to hear that a Priest we had been praying for who had left the Priesthood has now gone back.  So we give thanks to God in whom all things are possible. 

For those who would like us to pray for a particular Priest you can email me at my contact details and we will be happy to do so. 

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