Resources on Divine Mercy

There are many outlets to buy material in relation to the Divine Mercy.  Below are some of the products and places that can help you to spread devotion to the Divine Mercy.  Jesus asked that the Image be placed in our Churches for people to venerate.  So, perhaps you could with a few others donate one to your local Parish Church.   
We are called by Jesus, in these times to spread His Divine Mercy to all.
"Speak to the world about My mercy ... It is a sign for the end times. After it will come the Day of Justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fountain of My mercy." (Diary 848)

"Tell souls about this great mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My justice, is near. (Diary 965)." 

Divine Mercy Publications in
Skerries, Co. Dublin.

Over one million copies of this book have now been sold. All proceeds from this book go entirely to their Divine Mercy Foundation, who work with the orphans and abandoned children living in appalling poverty in the streets and sewers of Romania, Moldovia and other third world countries. The foundation is called 'Help Us Dry The Tears'

DMP also sell many other Divine Mercy items such as the Divine Mercy Diary, Chaplets, Images, and other products as well as other great books on how to promote the Divine Mercy...

Contact:  00353 1 8491458  or
The Apostolate for Family Consecration 

From this Apostolate, you can get some great media material to learn more about the Divine Mercy and about how to put it into practice...
1. Commentaries on Drawing Down Divine Mercy, on CD & DVD
In this six-part program, Fr. George Kosicki explains Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, Rich in Mercy, and expounds on themes such as the Messianic message, Mary as Mother of Mercy, and how the Church proclaims and practices mercy. Drawing Down Divine Mercy is a response to Pope John Paul II’s statements that "we have a greater need than ever for regenerating an experience of mercy" (April 10, 1994, Mercy Sunday)... a need "to personally experience this mercy in order to be merciful and forgive - and so break the spiral of violence by the miracle of forgiveness" (April 23, 1995, Mercy Sunday). Can be used with Drawing Down Divine Mercy Prayer & Meditation Book.

2. Day of Grace: Celebrating Divine Mercy DVD

Day of Grace: Celebrating Divine Mercy is a complete program based on the approved revelations which St. Faustina received from Our Lord regarding His merciful love. This devotion was close to the heart of our beloved John Paul II, who pronounced the first Sunday after Easter to be the Feast of Divine Mercy, and who canonized Sister Faustina. In this 3-part program, you will learn about the essence of the Divine Mercy devotion particularly the Feast of Mercy. You will grow in your understanding of what it means to trust in the Lord and be merciful to others. You will also discover the connection between John Paul II and Divine Mercy. This Day of Grace program can be shown in the parish for a meaningful celebration of the Feast of Mercy, or it can be used anytime for personal or group formation in the Divine Mercy devotion.

3.   Miracles of Divine Mercy, Story of Immaculee Ilibagiza, DVD

In 1994, Rwanda, a small country in East Central Africa experienced the most gruesome event in its history as predicted by Our Lady in the Church-approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary that took place there in 1982. Over a period of 100 days, about 800,000 Tutsis were indiscriminately killed by Hutu extremists, militia, armed forces and civilians. Immaculée Ilibagiza lost her entire family in the Rwandan genocide. She survived to tell her story and how her faith in Divine Mercy and the power of the Rosary kept her alive. This moving story of Immaculée will definitely inspire you to trust even more in the power of God’s love. As Immaculée says, “God is enough”.

4.  Divine Mercy Parish Mission Program

Divine Mercy Sunday Parish Mission Program is a complete multimedia parish presentation on Divine Mercy. The program includes 30 copies of the Drawing Down Divine Mercy prayer and meditation book to help your parish prepare for the Feast of Mercy. It also includes the accompanying video commentaries on Drawing Down Divine Mercy and the video programs you would need for Divine Mercy Sunday, plus various TV and radio ads and presentations, including the moving story of Rwanda Holocaust survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza (DVD), to help you promote your Divine Mercy program in the parish.

Fr. John Corapi

1.  Trust - The Key to God's Mercy (CD)
Trust is one of the most biblical and powerful realities of divine revelation. God our loving Father requires that we trust Him. To refuse or fail to trust God is offensive to the divine Majesty. "Trust is the container that we bring to the well-springs of God's mercy. The more trust we have, the more grace and mercy we can obtain." These words of Jesus to St. Faustina are a source of undying consolation to contemporary man, who is beset by troubles and fears. This is one of Fr. Corapi's most loved presentations.

2.  Fr. John Corapi - Divine Mercy (CD)

On April 30th, 2000, John Paul II declared the second Sunday after Easter each year as “Divine Mercy Sunday”. In this series, recorded during the annual Feast of Mercy, Father Corapi teaches that trusting in God completely opens the door to his mercy, and also sheds light on the role of the Cross and our blessed mother, Mary as the Mother of Mercy. Once again, Father Corapi sends the resounding and hope filled message that “God’s Name is Mercy”.
Divine Mercy: Mercy Sunday Set - 3 talks including:
Trust: The key to God's Mercy
Mary: The Mother of Mercy
Cross: Wellspring of Mercy, are the officially-licensed webstore for the restored "Vilnius" Image of the Divine Mercy on canvas. They also carry other beautiful religious images, all of which can be custom framed here in our woodshop and shipped directly to you.  They are licensed by the Marian Fathers in Stockbridge, MA, custodians of the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, to reproduce these images, and a portion of their sales assist them in their world-wide apostolates.  For more information on the Image of Divine Mercy and other upcoming projects this is a very informative site.