Various Interesting Videos from around the world...

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1. Russian Soccer fans on Easter proclaiming Jesus is Risen at a soccer stadium  
Fans greeted each other on Easter at a Sunday evening soccer match at Moscow Lokomotiv stadium.
At the beginning of the second half of the match thousands of fans of Dynamo team started chanting "Khristos voskrese!" which translates into English, "Christ is Risen!", an Interfax correspondent reports. Thousands of fans of Lokomotiv team on the opposite side of the stadium responded by chanting "Truly He is Risen!"

The exchange took place several times.

2.  Praying for our Priests - Spain

3.  God in the streets of New York city...

4.  Vocations for Priests - Fishers of Men  Part 1.

5.  Barka - Pope John Paul II  (Polish)

6. Funeral of John Paul II - set to Ave Maria (Polish)

7.  Images of Pope Benedict - to the music of Leonard Bernstein - German

8. Trailer of Molokai - The Story of Fr. Damien

9.  Transformation of an Altar