Deliverance Ministries - They are not for everyone and are Dangerous

Deliverance ministries are very common now especially in the Charismatic Renewal.  I would say that people should stay clear of those who are not acting alongside the Church with a spiritual director Priest.  

It is highly irresponsible and dangerous for people especially for those with emotional problems to start praying deliverance prayers themselves or with others.  You cannot enter a deliverance ministry yourself without proper authority and guidance.  And if you have emotional problems you should definitely not be dabbling in this.

Please be careful and go and ask the advice of a good and holy Priest, one who is wise in these areas.  It is important to remember that we have the Sacraments but somehow we have lost faith in the power of them.  Open your whole heart in Confession, go regularly even every week if you have to. Receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion and pray to Him in Adoration. Learn to praise God in everything.  Pray to forgive all those who hurt you and also for forgiveness towards yourself. Pray to Our Lady.

Just a note on a lady called Betty Brennan who was a former satanist and who returned to her Catholic faith through the Sacraments of the Church.  She puts her whole emphasis on the power of the Sacraments, and not on having  deliverance prayers.  That is coming from someone who was directly involved with the occult.  I attach a link to her testimony here:  Betty Brennan Former satanist becomes Catholic

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