'Visionaries' in Ireland (2) - Direction for our Times (ann lay apostle) and what Fr. Kevin Scallon and Sr. Briege McKenna now say

Fr. Kevin Scallon who works with Sr. Briege McKenna with the Intercession for Priests has stated the following on the work of the group calling itself 'Direction for our times' which is led by a lady calling herself 'anne the lay apostle'.

"Recent information has caused me to question the authenticity of Direction for our Times.  Regretfully I have come to discern that I can no longer support or encourage involvement in this organisation."

You can find this statement on their website link here;  Intercession for Priests

And Sr. Briege McKenna has also issued her statement on her website http://www.sisterbriege.com/
where she states that

"It is with regret that I have discerned the need to withdraw my endorsement and support for Direction for our Times.  I am praying that God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

Another article on this movement can be found on Catholic Lane website link here : Catholic Lane - Deception for our Times


  1. I recently discovered "Direction for our times". As a life long Catholic, I haven't yet seen anything contradictory for the Church's teachings. The messages give hope and how to better prepare our souls for Jesus. I have been told to look for the fruit if in doubt. I am also extremely cautious regarding new movements within the Church. My red flags have gone up. Her Bishop allows her to spread her mission. How are we to know what to do? Sr. Faustina and many others had interior locutions and are now approved. May this also be the case here? I hope you will find the time to answer me.

  2. All I can say to you is we really do have so much within our Church already. We have the Sacraments, the lives and teaching of the Saints, the Catechism which we are asked to study in this year of faith and so many documents and letters from the Popes, many of which are very beautiful and full of great spiritual depth. I don't really understand why people need to read these books by this lady 'anne the lay apostle' who does not reveal her true identity. The fact that she does not reveal herself does not give credibility to her messages. Why does she wish to remain anonymous ? We need to ask ourselves these questions about the person who is giving messages and how they witness to the Christian message. This calls for prudence and wisdom. You are not judging her by doing so. Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon have both issued a statement distancing themselves from this ladys organisation. You asked 'how are we to know what to do?', I would say just stick to the Church and what is already approved. There are countless Saints writings which are so beautiful and inspiring and the Catechism itself is a source of richness as well. You say St. Faustina had interior locutions, yes and also her message was disapproved due to bad translations, but is now fully approved. We know who St. Faustina was and we know all about her life and testimony through her experiences in her Diary and the witness of others. It would be better for you to read the Holy Gospel and the Diary of St. Faustina along with the Catechism and the Saints writings and you will never go wrong because you stay within the confines of the Church. It is also important for us Catholics to spread the Faith that we have within the Church and in doing so it helps our own faith to grow. Can I ask you why do you feel you need the messages of 'anne the lay apostle' as you say you are a life long Catholic, when we have so much already in our Church ?

  3. I am personally convinced of the authenticity of these messages. I don't suffer fools easily. Let me say then, having read through this substantial body of material, I have not found so much as a single word out of place with Catholic faith and orals. On the contrary, there is a sublime beauty that flows from these messages. Be clear, this is not outside what the church offers....it is part of it. And a very profound and timely part indeed.

    1. I appreciate your own opinion but I would question why a visionary remains anonymous. Remaining anonymous to avoid suffering in any way is not following the way of Christ who suffered for us. All of the Saints knew the value of suffering and all of the past authentic visionaries never chose to avoid suffering for themselves or their families and never hid their identity.

  4. Several times I have seen Ann the lay apostle mention other denominations on equal footing with the Catholic Church. Be careful! This is a subtle nudge toward one world religion.
    Visionaries of Medjurgorje did it also.

  5. It is easy these days to do diligent vetting before following a "new locutionist". There are so many red flags with Direction For Our Times. Their website asks for money first thing!!! Ann published books so quickly. Yet she claims she was told to stay anonymous, and lead two separate lives. Our vocations and callings should meld with our true vocation as wife and mother, the church tells us this! Usually having a book of messages published takes years. Not one of the 6 Medjugorje visionaries, has a book published, 33 years after the visions began. Ann's original Nihil Obstat..was by a retired Bishop in the Philippines; this approval is supposed to come through the local Bishop. The church offers enough spiritual aids, the bible, the rosary, The Blessed Virgin Mary, all our beloved holy saints, THE EUCHARIST...and Holy Mass. The retreats vshe gives are to train people to co e to Ireland and further her work there. There are way more, disturbing stories about "Ann" easily found if one searches and discerns more carefully. Whole her messages may not contain anything false, there is something "false" about how this ministry has unfolded. She receives a full salary, her priest confessor receives a full salary...highly unusual.


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