Witness of Courage Pt 2 - Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl (9 May 1921 – 22 February 1943) was a German student, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother Hans. As a result, they were both executed by guillotine. Since the 1970s, Scholl has been celebrated as one of the great German heroes who actively opposed the Third Reich during the Second World War.  (from Wikipedia)

Sophie was a young woman of tremendous courage and conviction. She stood up to the Nazi death machine to the point of losing her life for what she believed in. She was a Christian and believed firmly in God and in the rights of human life which the Nazis firmly rejected.   We can see today all around us again this tolerance of death in the form of abortion and euthanasia.  How will history see us as we continue to make legal the killing of the innocent and most vulnerable, and somehow believe it is our right to 'choose'.  I believe myself that Sophie and her brother were martyrs because they gave their lives fighting for the cause of good and for the cause of life. Above video is very appropriate for our times....

Website for Movie 'The Final Days'  - http://www.sophieschollmovie.com/ Sophia Magdalena Scholl 

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