Why do we run and seek Visions and Messages

When we as Catholics have the most precious gift of the presence of Our Lord Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, it amazes me how many people still run to apparition sites and seek messages from dubious visionaries, while Jesus comes to us in a small host and lives in our Churches.

What's wrong with us ?  Do we believe in the presence of Jesus or not, do we spend time in thanksgiving with Him after Holy Mass or do we turn to our neighbour to chat.  Do we reflect on the presence of Christ within us.  

I think in our Church we need to re-ignite our faith in Christ in the Eucharist.  We have it all right there.  Jesus is present to us.  He is the same Jesus who worked miracles on the earth and He will continue to work miracles and help us on the road to sanctity if we believe in Him. 

The Saints are our example, they didnt run after visions and visionaries, they knew where their love and their strength lay which was ultimately in Christ and His presence in the Holy Eucharist. 

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