Reflection on the Feast of Mercy...Diary of St. Faustina

From the Diary of St. Faustina...

April 10, 1937. Today, Mother Superior gave me an article about the Divine Mercy to read, and with it there was also a reproduction of the image that had been painted. The article appeared in the Vilnius Weekly and was sent to us in Cracow by Father Michael Sopoko, that zealous apostle of the Divine Mercy. In this article are included words that the Lord Jesus has spoken to me, some of them quoted verbatim.

When I took the issue of the weekly into my hands, an arrow of love pierced my soul. - For the sake of your ardent desires, I am hastening the Feast of Mercy". My spirit burst into such a powerful flame of love that it seemed to me that I was totally dissolved in God.

That beautiful soul that is spreading this work of divine mercy throughout the world is, by his deep humility, very pleasing to God.

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