A New Beginning and a Time of Great Mercy

Let us pray for a new beginning, re-conversion for each day.  For now.  We only have the present moment so let us make that special in ways of charity, kindness, mercy and love towards God, others and ourselves. 

Let us pray for all those who find Christmas a difficult time, those who are grieving, those who are ill, and for those who are lost in sin and do not recognise Jesus. 

This year let us prepare and get to know more about the Divine Mercy which God has given us especially for these times.  This great devotion is still not recognised in many Churches, can we do something to help people come to know the great plenary indulgence that God has given us on Divine Mercy Sunday which will be celebrated next year in Our Lady's month on the 1st of May.  Jesus wants to save souls, pressing all of mankind to His Most Sacred Heart.  We must help Jesus in this task to bring many more souls to come to know His great Mercy that we creatures will never understand or fathom.

Let us think of ways to promote the Divine Mercy of Jesus in our times. 

*Perhaps you can donate a Divine Mercy Image to your Church, or
*get small Divine Mercy prayer cards and give them to your family, friends or others for the New Year.
*Leave some Divine Mercy prayer books at the back of your Church, but only with the Parish Priest's permission.  
*Pray the Chaplet of Mercy at 3pm  or at least the 3 O'Clock prayer if possible for your Parish and for your Priests. 
*Can you start a Divine Mercy prayer meeting or Holy Hour in your Church, your home, friends house or wherever. 
*Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for the Holy Souls. 
*Works of mercy are many and varied, help the poor, work with the homeless, visit the sick, but above all show them God by your Love and Mercy, pray for those who you help and pray with them where possible. 
*Encourage people gently to go to Confession and let us go more regularly.   
*Pray for Priests

  Check out for more links on Divine Mercy  http://divinemercyforourtimes.blogspot.com/

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