Commentary on Todays Gospel

In these days when we have so many visionaries and locutionists telling us about the end times and all the doom and gloom associated it with that, we can forget to look into our own hearts and lives to see what we need to do as individuals in our daily walk with Christ.  Below is a commentary by St. Ambrose. 

Saint Ambrose (c.340-397), Bishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church
Commentary on Saint Luke's gospel, X, 6-8 (cf. SC 52, p. 158f., rev.)

The Coming of Christ

"Not one stone will remain upon another: all shall be destroyed."

These words were true of the Temple built by Solomon... for everything built by human hands either wears away or disintegrates or is overthrown by violence or destroyed by fire... But there is also a temple within every one of us that crumbles whenever faith is lacking and most especially if, in Christ's name, one falsely tries to gain possession of interior convictions. Perhaps this is the most helpful interpretation where we are concerned. Indeed, what is the point of my knowing the day of judgement? Being aware of so many sins, what is the point of knowing the Savior will one day come if he has not come into my soul, is not recalled to my mind, if Christ does not live in me, if Christ does not speak in me? So it is to me Christ must come and it is for my sake his coming must take place.The Lord's second coming takes place as the world draws to a close, when we are able to say: «The world is crucified to me and I to the world» (Gal 6,14)... To the one to whom the world is dead, Christ is everlasting; to such a one the temple is spiritual, the Law spiritual, even the Passover is spiritual... And so, for that person wisdom's presence has come to pass, along with virtue and justice and the presence of the resurrection, for Christ indeed died once for the sins of the people in order daily to redeem the sins of the people.

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