St Francis - 4th October

To me St. Francis is more than just the Patron saint of ecology etc.  His love for Jesus was so total and so completely giving.  He took every word of Christ to heart and eagerly lived it out with total self giving.  His witness bore much fruit as we see so many religious congregations, lay foundations which are based on his spirituality.  The simplicity of his life, his poverty, and his suffering were all for Jesus. 

Dearest and most holy St. Francis, please help us to live for Jesus and give our all to Jesus.  Help us to detach ourselves from all things and people and put Jesus first in our hearts.  Pray and intercede for all Priests that they may learn to love Jesus again and realise the great gift of their Priesthood of which you yourself felt so unworthy.  St. Francis pray for us and for all Priests and Religious.

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