Chilean Miners Rescue - Thanks be to God

Thanks to Our Lord, His Mother Mary on this day the 13th October and all the Saints who were interceding for the rescue of the Chilean Miners.  Thanks to St. Barbara, Patron of Miners also for her intercession. 

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI had sent a Rosary beads to the miners who had already set up a shrine requesting statues etc so that they could have a place set aside to pray.  And then on the Day of Our Lady of Fatima the 13th October they were rescued from this ordeal. 

It was beautiful to see the miners who gave thanks to God when they came up from the mine, witnessing to the world their faith and trust in God who was with them throughout their ordeal.  Thank God for all those involved in the rescue and may the Lord bless them. 

May the Lord be blessed now and forever more. 

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