Our Holy Father's Visit to the UK - First day in Scotland..

The Holy Father is now in Scotland and his visit has been greeted so warmly by so many thousands. It is a wonderful beautiful and very emotional occasion.  Let us continue to pray for him during his visit...

In his sermon to 70,000 people at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, the Pope calls for worshippers to promote the values of faith to the wider world: "Society today needs clear voices which propose our right to live, not in a jungle of self-destructive and arbitrary freedoms, but in a society which works for the true welfare of its citizens and offers them guidance and protection in the face of their weakness and fragility."

The Pope has a special message for the young people of Scotland, saying they face many temptations including drugs, money, sex, pornography and alcohol: "These things are destructive... the one thing that lasts is the love of Jesus Christ."

Picture and text in italics from BBC website...

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