Frank Duff and Works of Mercy

Frank Duff an Irish man founded the Legion of Mary on 7th September 1921.  Initially the movement was called The Association of Our Lady of Mercy.  After a year, there were five (Praesidia) which had formed, and the first Curia met in Dublin at Myra House, and a Novena was held for the purpose of finding a name for the organization.  The name of the Legion of Mary came and stayed with this great apostolate to this very day. 

It is a movement of mercy because it practices the corporal and spiritual works of mercy that Our Lord asks of us.  One of those works was the founding of the hostels in Dublin for the homeless and poor at the time.  The Morning Star Hostel for homeless men was opened in 1927 and the  Regina Coeli Hostel for mothers and their children and homeless women was opened the following year.  Today both of those hostels are still up and running.  Legionaries volunteer to work in these hostels serving the poorest of those in Dublin.  Though the poverty of the homeless today is often due to alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, or family problems.  Even though their problems are often so immense the residents of these hostels are often the ones who will show great compassion for others who are suffering.

There is nothing that will ground you more in your spiritual life than working with those in great need.  Many people of all ages and backgrounds have worked there and some give their lives for a year or two or more to work as indoor sisters (as they are called) or indoor brothers. It is a challenge but one that is worthwhile. Many vocations to the religious life have been born out of the Legion of Mary but especially from those who have worked with those in greatest need.  Both hostels are places where the cross is evident in the lives of these women and men and  it is a privilege to work there with them as you are working closely with Christ in those who are the rejected of society.

Both hostels contain beautiful Oratories, where Holy Mass is celebrated every day.  Above you can see the picture of the Servant of God Frank Duff in prayer in the Reginal Coeli Oratory. 

Anyone who wishes to work there (all work is voluntary), and join in the Legion of Mary can contact the hostels by phoning
01-8723142 for the Regina Coeli (women's hostel staffed by women only) or
01-8723401 for the Morning Star hostel for men only.

An excellent article by Finola Kennedy on Frank Duff and his work at the following link...

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