Bóthar - Helping People to Help Themselves...

Bothar is a fantastic charity because it helps those in poorer circumstances to become self sufficient especially those in Africa and third world countries. By sending cows, goats, camels, pigs, trees and providing education and veterinary back up, Bóthar helps tackle poverty and support sustainable development.

From their website...www.bothar.ie/ 
Bóthar had its origins in 1989 in the city of Limerick on the Shannon Estuary in Ireland. It began as an enterprise with the aim of sending as many dairy cows to Africa as possible in the year 1991, in conjunction with the civic celebrations to mark the tercentenary of the signing of the Treaty of Limerick, an important milestone in Irish history. However, as the months passed and as more people were informed about the project, a great enthusiasm began to surround the organising committee. It became apparent that this endeavour had far more potential than a local and temporary programme. It was decided to invite prominent national figures to form a Board of Directors of a new Third World Development Agency, which would specialise in the use of livestock in developing countries.

For instance...Bóthar’s dairy cows have become life saving heroes in many parts of the world. Irish dairy cows will produce up to 20 times as much nutritious milk every day as the average local cow in Uganda, Malawi, and Cameroon.
Milk & cheese from the living gift of a cow instantly improves the diet of an impoverished family and also produces enough milk for them to sell and earn an income. Suddenly mothers and fathers are in a position to purchase food and medicine for their families. Over time they can even send their children to school. 
Check out their great website for more information...http://www.bothar.ie/

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